Monday, September 16, 2013

Century 21 Aberwin Realty

Case Study: Century 21 Aberwin Realty


Century 21 Aberwin Realty is a realty agency serving the greater Hamilton area. They came to Keywest in search of a tool to promote their firm and showcase their agents to consumers who are either buying or selling their home, or interested in buying or leasing commercial property. They wanted to explain to consumers what Century 21 Aberwin Realty Agents are all about. They also wanted to emphasize their motto: agents are “smarter, bolder, faster” compared to the other real estate agents out there.


At Keywest, we understood exactly what Century 21 Aberwin Realty was looking for in a corporate video. So we created a one-minute, fast-paced, fresh real estate video.

To truly define Century 21 Aberwin Realty agents, we shot real Century 21 Aberwin Realty agents out on the field.

Using real Century 21 Aberwin Realty agents gave a more personal touch to the video. We wanted to highlight what an Aberwin realty agents’ typical day is like so we captured the agents interacting with real clients, visiting and showcasing real homes, as well as having real office meetings and tutorials. The video really captured agents exhibiting their outstanding costumer service.

We used a voice over to further explain the qualities that every agent possesses at Century 21 Aberwin Realty, which includes the following: they are excellent communicators, listeners, problem solvers, outstanding consultants, project managers and much more. The video ends off strongly, reminding the audience that Century 21 Aberwin Realty agents are here for you. We also ended the video with text stating the Century 21 Aberwin Realty’s motto, that their agents are smarter, bolder and faster.

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Century 21 Aberwin Realty

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Century 21 Aberwin Realty

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Century 21 Aberwin Realty


Century 21 Aberwin Realty