Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Promote Your Video: Someone has to

If You Don’t Promote Your Video Who Will?

promote So you’ve created a corporate video. Great! Nothing more to do than to sit back and bask in your accomplishment right?

Wrong. Some videos are lucky enough to go viral once they hit the web. But in the grand scheme of things very few do. With the majority of videos, especially corporate ones, there is some hard work required in order to get your video seen and heard.

Here are just a few of the ways you can rest assured that your video is reaching a wider audience than just your colleagues and relatives.

Promote It – This may sound like the most logical thing ever but it’s true. You can’t just post a video intended for the public and assume the public will find a way to discover it. You need to actively look for ways to help your audience discover the video so they can watch, like, and hopefully share it too.

Harness Your Social Media Presence – Don’t just put it up on youtube – utilize facebook, twitter, pintrest, and even putting a snippet of the video on instagram with a link to the full video can be powerful. Harness those audiences which you have already worked hard to get.

Share With Friends and Associates – Of course the first step is to get your coworkers to take notice and ask them to share it with their network. Then you need to branch out to your own networks of friends, vendors and clients. The best people to approach will be those who the video is most relevant to, and those who may have a network of their own that may be interested in seeing your content.

Write & Talk About It – Especially when it is fresh new content, you need to make it a habit to get others to engage with the video as much as possible. Do this by writing about it in the company newspaper and blog. Get others to mention it at their next team meeting. Find ways to bring it up so word starts getting out there and a snowball effect begins to form.

Engage With the Online Community – There are so many communities out there that are interested in a wide array of topics. Find bloggers or internet personalities that might be interested in your subject matter and reach out to them. There is no harm in showing them your content and seeing if they will help promote it for you.

There are so many ways to promote your video, but the main thing to remember is to just do something. Don’t leave it to chance and allow your video to fall into an abyss of irrelevancy. Get out there and promote it yourself, get others to promote it for you, and harness the online community whether through social media or bloggers.

If you ever need outside assistance for promoting your corporate videos contact us here at Key West Video. Because we have been in the corporate video business for 26 years now and we know what works.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Having fun setting up a #Corporate address to #Camera #Downtown this afternoon! #Toronto #CorporateVideo #VideoProduction #B2B

Having fun setting up a #Corporate address to #Camera #Downtown this afternoon! #Toronto #CorporateVideo #VideoProduction #B2B

Having fun setting up a #Corporate address to #Camera #Downtown this afternoon! #Toronto #CorporateVideo #VideoProduction #B2B

Having fun setting up a #Corporate address to #Camera #Downtown this afternoon! #Toronto #CorporateVideo #VideoProduction #B2B

Having fun setting up a #Corporate address to #Camera #Downtown this afternoon! #Toronto #CorporateVideo #VideoProduction

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Persuasion is a Powerful Thing

Videos are a form of advertising, so why not treat them as such? They can have the power of persuasion but only when harnessed correctly.

persuasion When people think of corporate videos they often envision nicely staged interviews, office b-roll and maybe even some cool graphic text. Although the industry is changing and moving towards unique concepts and more dynamic filming techniques, such as the use of drones, go-pro’s and steadicams. However, when it comes down to the core of any video, the goal is always to engage viewers and get them to do something. One of the ways this is accomplished is through the power of persuasion.

Psychology and advertising have gone hand and hand since the birth of the advertising industry. Ad execs learned early on that in order to get the public to buy into your product or service you need to sell more than just that product or service. You need to sell an idea, an emotion, a feeling.

In the video below produced by Iebnoy, through cute and funny animation they delve into the power of psychology in advertising. Although they don’t touch on video production directly, a lot of the concepts work when thinking about how persuasion is achieved through techniques found in video production.

Things such as color, music, and an emotional story all play into how an advertisement affects viewers. While on average we all have a general sense of how to sway viewers to feel one way or another based on these factors, it often is something that gets thought of later.

Why not start to think about all videos you produce for your company as a powerful persuasion tool, that has the ability to change viewers minds and get them to feel a certain way about your product or service. The issue then arises though that today’s audiences are far more accustomed to techniques that play on their emotions through sappy music or sexually charged imagery. That doesn’t mean that these techniques still don’t work.

We all have a subconscious. And while we may be aware that advertisers are using specific color pallets or story lines to get us to buy into whatever they’re selling, the fact is that it still does work to a degree. More innovative professionals are going further and parodying these techniques, highlighting the fact that for example they use sexuality to sell beer to men. The average consumer then appreciates the dialogue. “Yes I am smart enough to know that you use blatant sexuality to get me to buy your brand of beer. And yes I will continue to buy it”.

How long will it take for this introspective technique to become played out as well though? What new post-modern persuasion trend will pop up in advertising next? Whatever it may be, the big news is that psychology will always play a role in gaining the public’s trust, and steering them in the direction to buy. So when it comes to corporate video this is still something that needs thought and attention.

When producing your next video think about how you are going to persuade your audience. Are you going to use traditional techniques? Will you decide to do more of a parody on these techniques? Or will you stand out and try something new all together? Whatever you do, remember that you need to do something. Because if you simply put some nice looking content together without thinking about the power of persuasion you might be missing a big piece of the puzzle.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sometimes #Clients need us to come to them. #Remote #GreenScreen shoots require a lot of space but they can look great and help accommodate tight schedules. #Toronto #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #PortableGreenScreen

Sometimes #Clients need us to come to them. #Remote #GreenScreen shoots require a lot of space but they can look great and help accommodate tight schedules. #Toronto #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #PortableGreenScreen

Sometimes #Clients need us to come to them. #Remote #GreenScreen shoots require a lot of space but they can look great and help accommodate tight schedules. #Toronto #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #PortableGreenScreen

Sometimes #Clients need us to come to them. #Remote #GreenScreen shoots require a lot of space but they can look great and help accommodate tight schedules. #Toronto #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo #PortableGreenScreen

Sometimes clients need us to come to them. Remote #GreenScreen shoots require a lot of space but they can look great and help accommodate tight schedules. #Toronto #VideoProduction #CorporateVideo

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stock Footage Clips: Corporate Video

Stock footage clips are archival footage that can be used in more than one video production.

The benefits of stock footage can be tremendous as it can save filmmakers from having to shoot material that could sometimes be challenging to capture.

Stock Footage Clips - Corporate Video Production

Macro image of a flower from our stock footage library.

A rich resource of material, using stock footage clips enables you to access shots that you may not otherwise be able to record. Not only can it save time, it can save big bucks. Corporate video productions often incorporate the use of stock footage to achieve the look or feel that represents the company or the company’s message. But is it for you and your project?

Most commonly, stock footage clips captures settings and objects. There is no specific branding included so that the shots can be used again and again in various contexts. Footage of landscapes and macro imagery of nature are some of the most popular clips found in any stock footage library, but many other kinds of shots can be found.

Stock footage is beneficial because it can save resources required to capture certain shots. For example, the costs involved in filming an aerial shot of a famous landmark in Toronto or somewhere else across the world could be substantial. There are more possibilities for your corporate video because stock footage makes more shots attainable and affordable. As most stock footage involves static frames or close-ups that separate the subject from its environment, these clips can flow together seamlessly with your content if your project is edited well.

Stock Footage Clips - Corporate Video Production

Landscape shot of office buildings from our stock image library.

Every now and again here at Key West Video, we send out one of our videographers on a mission to shoot a variety of stock footage clips in and around public areas of Toronto and the GTA. This way when the need for stock footage clips comes up for a current project, we have a visual library at our disposal, and at a very limited cost to our clients.

There are several popular websites that provide licensing services for stock images, video and music. There’s a wealth of digital media available that can be licensed for all kinds of commercial use. Among the most popular are: iStockPhoto, Pond5, and Getty Images.

Check out our portfolio of stock footage clips available for purchase at Key West Video’s Pond5 account.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Content Matters: So Make it Good

Sure We All Want to Create Great Looking Videos. But When it Really Comes Down to it, Content is What Matters.

content Your video needs substance. A bunch of flashy images alone isn’t going to fool anyone. I have found time and again, being in the corporate video business, that clients often over-think the concept, and content gets lost.

What does a cool concept do for your brand if it doesn’t relate to anything? If it doesn’t provide information and/or propel your video to take action, then it’s hard to call that a success.

Here are the top 5 TIPS & TRICKS we have learned over the years which we believe will get you thinking about the right way to formulate content, with a focus on what matters.

1 - Tell your audience what you bring to the table. If you aren’t Coca Cola then there’s a good chance that you still need to explain who you are and why you’re great.

2 - Avoid touching on minute details. A good video draws viewers in with high level content, and then once you have a potential client on the phone or in your store then you can explain in further detail what you can do for them. Corporate videos are simply meant to be a first impression and get them interested in you.

3 – Let your clients do the bragging for you. No one trusts someone who talks highly about themselves. We trust others. If you can get an influential figure to back you then even better! But a regular customer with an honest face will do the trick too.

4 - Tell your audience not only what you’re good at and what you can do for them, but what makes you unique. You need to find a way to stand out from the pack. So figure out what your USP (unique selling points) are and draw from them when developing your content.

5 - Remember and stay focused on the fact that content is more important than style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a video with a strong theme and a cool concept. But when it comes to corporate video the focus is and always should be on the message. So if you can incorporate a cool concept but still get across the main content then great, but just don’t let the theme or concept dictate and draw away from your great content.

So in the end what you really need to ask yourself is… does your content have substance? If you can state YES to this, and keep in mind the above tips, then you are well on your way to creating a video which will help convert viewers into consumers.

Contact Key West Video today if you’re interesting in getting help molding your next corporate video!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Check out the new episode of our #WebSeries #Key2B on our #Blog or on #YouTube! #MegaMagic #MikeDurzo #Magic #Magician #Toronto #VideoProduction

Check out the new episode of our #WebSeries #Key2B on our #Blog or on #YouTube! #MegaMagic #MikeDurzo #Magic #Magician #Toronto #VideoProduction

Check out the new episode of our #WebSeries #Key2B on our #Blog or on #YouTube! #MegaMagic #MikeDurzo #Magic #Magician #Toronto #VideoProduction

Check out the new episode of our #WebSeries #Key2B on our #Blog or on #YouTube! #MegaMagic #MikeDurzo #Magic #Magician #Toronto #VideoProduction

Check out the new episode of our #WebSeries #Key2B on our #Blog or on #YouTube! #MegaMagic #MikeDurzo #Magic #Magician #Toronto #VideoProduction

Key2B #02 – Meet Mega Magic’s Mike Durzo

Key2B is a new web series featuring interviews with industry professionals in some of the most interesting fields.

Here at Key West Video, we’re producing a #WebSeries called #Key2B where we interview professionals from all walks of life and learn some of the ins and outs of their field. You’ll be entertained and you might even learn something in the process. ;)

In this episode we sit down with professional magician Mike Durzo. We discuss various aspects of the magic industry such as touring abroad and what it takes to create a new illusion.


Mike Durzo performing in China

“As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds of shows annually for some of the largest corporations, theatres, theme parks, festivals and television networks across Canada. Mike the winner of the 2014 “Canadian Entertainer of the Year” award presented by the Canadian Special Events Industry Awards! He was the winner of the 2012, 2013 & 2014 “Performer of the Year” award by Festivals & Events Ontario. Mike was awarded “Top 10 Magicians Worldwide” by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards in 2014. He was also nominated for the BizBash Magazine “People’s Choice Awards” and the “Notable TV” Entertainment award presented by the Metro Newspaper and City TV. Mike is a member of the prestigious Canadian Association of Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.” – megamagic.ca

If you’re looking for more content from Key West Video, you can follow our daily blog. For more information on Mega Magic and Mike Durzo, you can visit his personal website at megamagic.ca. We hope you enjoy this episode of Key2B and come back next month for more insight into some of the most interesting industries.

If you’d be interested in appearing in an episode of Key2B, please contact us at info@keywestvideo.com Tell us what profession you’re in and why you would like to be in the next episode.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

#Lunch at #TheOffice. #Montanas #Pastrami #Sandwhich

#Lunch at #TheOffice. #Montanas #Pastrami #Sandwhich

#Lunch at #TheOffice. #Montanas #Pastrami #Sandwhich

#Lunch at #TheOffice. #Montanas #Pastrami #Sandwhich

#Lunch at #TheOffice. #Montanas #Pastrami #Sandwhich