Thursday, October 31, 2013

Monster Mash Music Video: Happy Halloween!

Hope You Have a Monster Mash Halloween!

Keywest Video is a trusted source for video production and monster mash music videos for a wide variety of corporate clients.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - monster mash

Monster Mash Music Video: Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Prank Videos for Promotion

Prank videos are the newest marketing tool for advertising companies!

Many companies are utilizing the prank element to make their videos go viral, and in turn promote their brand.

The Carrie video is one of the most recent of these undercover prank videos to go viral, garnering over 46 million views since October 7th. Using telekinesis, the creepy talent Carrie is known for, the video shocks and disturbs not only the viewer, but the patrons of an unsuspecting NYC coffee shop. To show just how social media can work for your brand/company, the prank video even features one patron using her phone to record the incident while screaming and running away. What makes this prank video so impactful is the uninhibited reaction of the patrons involved. The well-executed prank took a great deal of planning and technical expertise to flawlessly unfold.

An earlier prank video was used by Pepsi in order to promote their PepsiMax product. Similarly to Carrie, Pepsi incorporates the brand into the prank video by using the Pepsi can as a hidden camera within the vehicle. This element of disguise is repeated not only with the slogan “A zero-calorie cola in disguise,” but also in the fact that NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is disguised as a test-driving civilian.

These videos are fun, playful, and get people talking – but the core of this marketing tool relies on the fact that the companies tie in their brand within the prank. The videos wouldn’t have been as effective in garnering brand awareness if they were simply entertaining, yet did not relate to the product/brand/service. For example, the Carrie prank used telekinesis, which is the main element of the film, and Pepsi used disguise to illustrate that consumers can’t tell the difference between Pepsi and PepsiMax.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Prank Videos for Promotion

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Prank Videos for Promotion


Prank Videos for Promotion

Monday, October 28, 2013

Corporate Video Production Company Checklist

Corporate Video Production Company: What you need to know.

Whether you are part of a sales and marketing team or own your own business, at Keywest we understand that our clients are always looking for a corporate video production company that can provide the best service for the most competitive price. That is why we are continually focused on improving our business and being able to satisfy our clients above and beyond their expectations. Here is a list of some of the things you should know before you contact a corporate video production company to partner with:

Customer Service

It is important to find a corporate video production company that prides itself on providing excellent customer service. Customer service is one of our top priorities when dealing with our clients. When our clients come to us, it doesn’t matter if they’re looking for video production, a photographer, or graphic design… we will find a way to give them exactly what they need. Keywest is able to do this not only because of our amazing team, but also with the help of relationships we have built over the years with a great deal of industry professionals and talent.


A team is built on trust. When you come to Keywest for your video production needs, we want you to feel like a part of our team and trust in our abilities. We do this by making sure that you are taken care of every step of the way by constantly updating you on the production process and following up after delivery to ensure satisfaction. As producers, we are problem solvers: in the event of a technical mishap, issues with talent, client disputes, and the array of other issues that we face on a daily basis, we always stay calm and ensure that our clients’ needs are met.


When choosing a corporate video production company, it is key to find producers that are not only understanding but flexible to your needs. We understand that when dealing with larger companies, there are many different individuals involved in the approval process. Here at Keywest, we are all too familiar with this and do everything in our power to mitigate confusion or unnecessary holdups. For example, our online review process allows for our contact to be able to send out an easily viewable link of the video edit to all parties involved. Once feedback has been accumulated, we gather the notes/revisions and incorporate them into the next edit.


When looking for a corporate video production company, it is important to look into the company’s reputation and experience with other clients. Although film students and up and coming companies may have enticing prices, they don’t possess the same level of experience and know-how that comes from years of being on set and producing videos. When tricky situations arise, it is more comforting to know that your production team has dealt with such issues before and is capable of figuring out the correct solution for you.

Keywest is an established corporate video production that has our clients’ best interests at heart. Contact us today to discuss your production needs.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Corporate Video Production Company

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Corporate Video Production Company


Corporate Video Production Company Checklist

Friday, October 25, 2013

Things To Consider...

Things to Consider BEFORE You Contact a Video Production Company

Keywest Video is a trusted source for video production for a wide variety of corporate clients.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - things to consider

Things To Consider...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Remote Control Tourist

Remote Control Tourist lets you “go before you go”.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a city before you actually got there, Tourism Victoria has come up with the perfect tool for you. The “Melbourne Remote Control Tourist” is a crowd-sourced project that allows potential visitors to virtually explore the city of Melbourne through social media and live streaming.

The project ran from October 9th to 13th for 8 hours a day. Users were able to log onto and “control” two volunteer explorers – a male and a female – as they pleased. Users made their requests using Twitter or Facebook, asking the volunteers to do anything at all –visit certain places, try different foods, check interesting things out, etc. The volunteer explorers were each wearing helmet-mounted streaming video cameras and made use of Instagram, Google Maps, and Foursquare to document their travels and experiences.

This interesting concept allows users to “go before you go” – this way you can decide whether or not you’d actually like to visit a place before you purchase your plane ticket. The Remote Control Tourist provided users with information and experiences that would be otherwise available only through guidebooks, anecdotes, and episodes of Lonely Planet.

Check out the highlight video below:

Remote Control Tourist is not only practical and useful for those looking to book a trip abroad, it’s one of the most innovative and social tourism campaigns we’ve ever seen. Many of the tourism campaigns that we’re accustomed to consist mainly of informational videos and brochures brimming with picturesque landscapes.

The Remote Control Tourist is an interactive and engaging way to promote tourism by using one of the most valuable tools currently available – social media. We are currently living in the age of the social network – it’s all we do, so why not capitalize on this and use it as a means of promotion? Seeing as the campaign was designed mainly to “encourage young, tech-savvy travelers to visit Melbourne, which is known for its hip restaurants and shops and its vibrant culture,” social media was definitely the way to go. (Source)

“Positive sentiment for the campaign in social media was also exceptionally high at around 96% with consumers tweeting comments about how much they liked the campaign and how much it made them want to visit Melbourne.” (Source)

Keywest wants to know what you think of Remote Control Tourist. Is this a useful tool when making travel plans, and would you like to see it in more cities?

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Remote Control Tourist

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Remote Control Tourist


Remote Control Tourist

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Facebook Content Policies Under Scrutiny

Facebook bans, allows, and then re-bans graphic beheading video.

Facebook has been under scrutiny this past week regarding their policies on posting violent/graphic/gory videos. The social media giant has been struggling with their video policies following the uproar caused by the video of a masked man beheading a woman in Mexico.

Around May, the social network introduced a temporary ban on any clips that could potentially cause long-term psychological damage. Facebook later lifted the ban citing that “While this video is shocking, our approach is designed to preserve people’s rights to describe, depict and comment on the world in which we live.”  (Source)

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke out on Facebook’s content policies. He tweeted, “It’s irresponsible of Facebook to post beheading videos, especially without a warning. They must explain their actions to worried parents.” Facebook then changed their approach and the new policy states, “videos depicting violence must carry a warning and can only be shared with an adult audience, otherwise they will be removed by moderators.” (Source)

Despite all of the controversy surrounding the posting of graphic content, Facebook still maintains that graphic content is in fact acceptable in certain situations. They explained their policy changes:

“People turn to Facebook to share their experiences and to raise awareness about issues important to them.”

“Sometimes, those experiences and issues involve graphic content that is of public interest or concern, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism, and other violence.”

“When people share this type of graphic content, it is often to condemn it. If it is being shared for sadistic pleasure or to celebrate violence, Facebook removes it.”

Specifically discussing the beheading of the woman in Mexico, the company states, “Based on these enhanced standards, we have re-examined recent reports of graphic content and have concluded that this content improperly and irresponsibly glorifies violence. For this reason, we have removed it.” (Source)

How do you feel about Facebook’s content policies? Share your thoughts with Keywest!

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Facebook Content Policies Under Scrutiny

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Facebook Content Policies Under Scrutiny


Facebook Content Policies Under Scrutiny

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

GoPro: The Name Says it All

GoPro Revolutionizes Video!

If you have yet to hear about this compact camera you must be living under a rock in the bushes somewhere. In that case you probably have some really interesting scenery around you and therefore should pick one up yourself.

The GoPro, as its name implies, was designed as a simple and effective way for amateur videographers to capture those never before seen shots from every angle imaginable through an ultra-light and portable device. The concept stemmed from Nicholas Woodsman’s desire to film his surfing expeditions through an up-close and personal perspective, and to capture exactly what he saw and felt while riding Australia’s infamous waves. Since the camera’s debut in 2004 its sales have continued to skyrocket with each passing year, with an astonishing 2.3 million cameras sold in 2012 alone. The GoPro has broken the boundaries of action photography and film.

Why So Popular?

The need to document the extraordinary is inherent in us all. When GoPros burst onto the scene they were used predominantly by sports enthusiasts who wanted to showcase how they were pushing boundaries through video. One of the main reasons why so many individuals decided to start using this device was not only its small nature, or even the wide range of accessories that allow you to mount it for hands-free use, but the price. For around $400 you could capture a moment in time that only National Geographic was showcasing to the population before. To top it all off it doesn’t sacrifice quality either.

No Longer Just for Jocks

What is so interesting about these devices is that they are now being picked up and utilized by corporate video producers as well. Not only are the GoPros great for sports fans or amateur videographers, but they are a great alternative to expensive video equipment and therefore professional companies are realizing their potential as well. When looking to get that one unique shot from high in the corner of the room, or from the side view of a moving vehicle, or a shopping cart in a supermarket, the GoPro allows for endless possibilities.

Due to the quality of footage that these cameras are able to output, corporate video producers are utilizing it alongside professionally shot footage with little post clean up needed. This allows for corporate videos to have that little bit of an edge that clients are looking for, while still maintaining their professional image. Also because of the affordability of the camera itself and its array of accessories, even if the footage isn’t useful at least it makes videographers step out of their comfort zone and experiment.

As previously stated, the GoPro is much smaller than any professional camera and even most home video cameras. This makes it much easier to get shots you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to capture. It allows for perspectives that you would never otherwise achieve. Check out the video below that recently exploded on the Internet. With over 6.5 million views, there is a reason why we can’t stop talking about these great little devices which give videographers the opportunity to capture the otherwise unimaginable.

Keywest Video recently bought a GoPro for ourselves and are excited to see what kinds of interesting shots we can get!

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - GoPro

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – GoPro

GoPro: The Name Says it All

Monday, October 21, 2013

Video Production Services

Keywest Video: 25 Years of Video Production Services 

Keywest has been providing video production services for over twenty-five years. Our office location has changed, team members have come and gone, and we have had a wealth of interesting and exciting projects and clients to work with. What has remained consistent throughout though, is our drive and dedication to provide whomever we work with, with high quality video production services at a reasonable cost, in a timely fashion, and with exceptional customer service at the forefront.

The video production services industry has changed in many different ways since Keywest first began producing videos in 1988. One of the major changes has been in the pricing of videos. The cost of equipment has decreased significantly since the 80’s and therefore an array of inexperienced competition has popped up in the marketplace. Keywest mitigates this by providing our clients with a price match guarantee. This way, if they can find a reputable production company that can give them the same services for a reduced rate we figure out a way to match their quote. This allows clients to see for themselves that our prices are competitive, and we are only asking them to pay for the services that are integral to the completion of their video.

Another important factor that has changed the way video production service providers operate is due to bombardment of video that now infests our lives. Twenty years ago individuals watched TV, they would go to the movies now and then, and maybe they would be shown a training video in their work setting. Today, video is almost everywhere you look. From virtual billboards on the highway to our constant access to viral videos on our smartphones and the fact that video is present on almost all commercial websites. The world is now cluttered with moving images, and it is harder than ever to stand out. As a service provider we have made it our prime focus to make sure our clients videos are not just polished and professional looking, but innovative, unique, and capturing individuals attention as well as keeping it for the duration of the videos message.

Here at Keywest, we are constantly considering our clients changing needs. We understand that the world is moving at a fast pace and those who are selling products, services or themselves need to stay current and even ahead of trend. That is why we are always trying to improve ourselves as team members, content creators, producers, editors, directors, animators, project managers and service providers. Video production services are our passion and we hope to be servicing our current and future clients for many more years to come.

Contact us today if you are interesting in speaking about your video production needs! 416-675-0751

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Video Production Services

Video Production Services

Friday, October 18, 2013

Deliveries: The Final Frontier

The Last Stage of the Production Process: Deliveries

Keywest Video is a trusted source for video production for a wide variety of corporate clients. This video details the deliveries process and different formats our clients utilize for their final videos.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - deliveries: the final frontier

Deliveries: The Final Frontier

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Google Maps – Emotional Advertising

Google Maps scooped up Saroo Brierley’s heartwarming tale for their latest advertising campaign.

Saroo Brierley, born Saroo Munshi Khan, was separated from his older brother after falling asleep on a passenger train in Burhanpur, India. Saroo was eventually adopted by the Brierley family and moved to Tasmania, yet his photographic memory haunted him; he yearned for his family. Saroo took to Google Maps and Google Earth in an attempt to jog his memory and piece together the day he was separated from his brother at the train station in Burhanpur. Thanks to his amazing memory and keen sense of direction, Saroo was able virtually find his way back to his neighbourhood. He later travelled to India and was reunited with his birth mother and siblings – all because of Google Maps.

Google turned Saroo’s quest for his family into their latest online advertising campaign. We couldn’t think of a better way to promote your product – Saroo’s heartwarming tale was made possible with the use of Google Maps and Google Earth. This is an excellent advertising campaign – it’s captivating, it’s emotional, and it’s well done.

Although the advertisement is three minutes long, much longer than most, the viewer barely notices the length as they are so consumed by Saroo’s story. The best part? The viewer has no idea it’s an advertisement until the Google Maps symbol pops up at the very end. This touching tale views more like a short film than a commercial, if not due to the absent logo, but also the dynamic cinematography and documentary-like style of the clip. Google used emotion and a truth to sell their product by using the best tactic possible: a real-life testimonial. This is not only an interesting and captivating tale, but an honest one.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Google Maps Emotional Advertising

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Google Maps Emotional Advertising

Google Maps – Emotional Advertising

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal Training: Way2Fit

Personal Training Promotional Video: Way2Fit


Keywest Video was contacted by personal trainer Renaldo Gairy to create a promotional video for himself as well as his website The goal of the video was to provide Renaldo with a dynamic and interesting video that showcases his talents at personal training, thus promoting his company Way2Fit in the process.


The final product was not only an excellent depiction of Renaldo’s personal training abilities and fitness knowledge, but also an indication of his personality and success rate with his clients.

The video begins with a combination of dynamic music and close-ups of Renaldo’s clients training using a variety of equipment in the gym. Not wanting to lose the viewer’s interest, we made sure to include varied shots and angles of clients, equipment, and Renaldo.

Renaldo then goes on to speak about his abilities and strengths as a personal trainer, outlining his skills to train for weight gain, weight loss, increasing cardio, and his specialty – bodybuilding. We intercut this information with footage of his clients training in order to keep the video interesting and not merely “a bunch of talking heads”.

Throughout the video, the viewer sees a great deal of b-roll as Renaldo trains his clients in addition to 3 key testimonials from 3 of Renaldo’s clients. These testimonials not only help to verify Renaldo’s abilities as a personal trainer, but they also showcase the various training types that he is capable of as each personal is striving for different results. Jeffry is transforming his body in order to achieve a more body-building like physique, Bianca is trying to gain more definition and muscle, and Andrew is looking for a more challenging workout than ever before.

The testimonials coupled with the dynamic b-roll and interview with Renaldo made for a unique and interesting video. By incorporating different elements and constantly shifting the viewer’s attention, we were able to create a captivating video that not only promoted Renaldo and his company, but is also enjoyable to watch.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Personal Training Promo Way2Fit

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Personal Training: Way2Fit

Personal Training: Way2Fit

Friday, October 11, 2013

White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video

White backdrops can help you achieve a clean, crisp, professional look for your next corporate video.

We had previously blogged about shooting a corporate video using a green screen (check out 5 tips for shooting on green screen); however, we often use white backdrops for many of our in-studio shoots.

First of all, why are white backdrops used? And why choose a white backdrop over a green one? Essentially, these two backdrops serve entirely different purposes. Green backdrops are used in situations where video or images can be substituted for the green, thus creating an entirely new setting/location. Ultimately, when shooting on a green screen, the green is keyed out, and another background replaces it; however, when using a white backdrop, the white stays.

Shooting on a white backdrop gives the video a professional, clean, and simple look and feel – your subject stands out. Essentially, the white backdrop eliminates the issue of a distracting background, thus allowing the viewer to focus entirely on the subject and what it is they have to say.

Although white backdrops will provide you with a professional and clean looking video, using this type of background can also generate quite the opposite if poorly executed. The following are some tips for shooting on a white backdrop:

  1. One of the most important tips is the lighting.  Similar to when shooting on a green screen, lighting is very important. You will need lights that illuminate the background as well as lights for your subject.  Make sure that the white backdrop is evenly lit throughout and that there are no shadows or wrinkles in the fabric. Always ensure that separate lights are used to light your subject as this makes it easier to change the lighting on the subject without having to affect the background.

  2. Make sure that your white backdrop is actually white. You can use just about any type of fabric for this – just make sure you have enough of it, depending on the type of shot you are going for. Also, avoid sticking the fabric directly onto the wall. Instead, allow it to drape down behind your subject as this will give the fabric a seamless look to it.

  3. Make sure that you direct your subject. If your subject is standing, they may naturally move around while they speak. It is important to ensure that your subject stays within the designated “safe area” so as not to affect the lighting or gesture past the backdrop. Outline the safe area with your subject beforehand and consider showing them the footage between takes so that they can be more aware of their surroundings.

  4. Avoid wearing light colours. If your subject wears light colours, their clothing may blend into the white backdrop. It is important to let your subject know what they should be wearing well in advance of the shoot.

  5. Consider using a hair and make-up artist. When a subject is placed in front of a white backdrop, the audience focuses entirely on them as there is no actual background to distract them. This means that the audience will notice all of your subject’s imperfections as the white backdrop does nothing but highlight them – a hair and make-up artist can help with this. For example, you may need a make-up artist to get rid of any redness in your subject’s skin, or a hair-stylist can help with any distracting fly-aways or other hair situations that may arise.

Here at Keywest, we have an in house studio equipped with a white backdrop. Contact us today!

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video


White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fashion Films: Shallow as the Industry Itself?

The Breakthrough of Funny Fashion Films

If you ever speak to a writer, director, producer or simply a creator of moving pictures they will tell you that the visuals may initially be what draw audiences in, but a captivating story is what keeps them watching. When I started thinking about fashion films and their history I began wondering how this visual culture handles the art of storytelling through film. Due to the fashion industry being deeply rooted in print media they are used to portraying a lifestyle, and thus a story, without aid from dialogue or movement. Therefore when utilizing the advantages of film these stories must be able to be fully explored. But is that what is actually occurring?


Short films created specifically for the purpose of promoting a certain product, or fashion house in general, is actually not a new concept. The history of fashion films date back to the 1950’s, says Penny Martin, professor of fashion imagery at the London College of Fashion. However, due to the accessibility of distributing this work to potentially millions of viewers through online avenues such as YouTube, the creation and investment into these films has reached a new level in recent years.


The large majority of fashion films produced in the last ten years follow a fairly consistent formula. They have striking visuals, dramatic music and a narrative that you have to dig pretty deep to deconstruct (if there is anything to dig for at all). Here is a short film produced for Dior that fits into this category nicely.



The main objective here is to juxtapose overwhelming wide shots in an ornate setting with simplified close-ups of the subject gazing into the camera. While the film in its entirety does make the viewer feel something and get a sense of the fashion house’s brand, what it doesn’t do is really provide a strong story-line. Although their upscale target market may be intrigued by these types of fashion films and watch a few, after you have seen one or two it is almost as if you have seen them all.


Take a look at this film created for Kenzo’s pre-fall 2012 line. While it is much more abstract and creative in its execution, it continues to be a pretty face, dressed in pretty clothes, and with a visually interesting background – in this instance mostly graphics created in post. Again the film lacks some sort of a story, which would ultimately draw more viewers in.



For Alexander Wang’s new spring 2013 line he stepped away from the cliché and took a major risk with this hilarious video that is hard to turn off. Not only is this video more accessible to the average fashion follower, it brings attention to his brand from all viewers who are looking for something interesting and funny to get lost in. While not all of those viewers may be able to afford Wang’s garments in his new line, as they say in the industry all publicity is good publicity.



In the same vein, this video produced for Lavin shies away from taking itself too seriously. The start of the video looks like a moving campaign with bone thin models meticulously staged and glaring soullessly into the lens of the camera. When suddenly an incoming Skype call pops up onto the screen and we begin to hear from Alber Albaz, a designer for Lavin. In his adorable accent he provides personal commentary on the campaign. Needless to say it’s quite funny and quirky, and not at all expected.



I think these last two fashion films are a testament to the times. With a million and one things distracting us from our daily lives, if you want viewers attention you need to work for it. Fashion films have been growing and finding their place in consumers lives more and more, but I am happy to see those brands which are stepping away from the norm and finding new ways to intrigue audiences with captivating stories.


Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Fashion Films

Fashion Films: Shallow as the Industry Itself?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NABS Celebrates Their 30th Birthday!

NABS (The National Advertising Benevolent Society) is celebrating their 30th birthday this year!

For the last 30 years, NABS quietly went about the confidential business of providing professional counselling and financial support to members of the communications, advertising and marketing community in Canada, struggling with varying degree of crises in their lives.

It was becoming increasingly apparent that NABS needed to update its image and bring a face to some of the compelling cases they were supporting.

Enter Keywest Video, and their amazing team of producers, who helped us capture, in a series of short testimonial videos, the essence of what NABS is. The videos depict what NABS’ support has meant to people in the industry, those needing a step up in life, after that same life dealt them an unexpected blow.

As a charitable organization that is dependent on the generosity of its donors, these series of videos have refreshed our message and compelled people in the industry to help us by donating media to our Media Sale, purchasing from our media sale, volunteering on our many event committees, as well as donating corporately and as individual donors.

Keywest Video has been key to our fundraising and awareness success for leading-edge creative concepts, ideas and execution to help us tell our story, and demonstrating their understanding and commitment to what we do. Keywest Video has made it possible for NABS to continue to support people and families for the next 30 years in new ways.

We are truly grateful and so appreciative of their support and for helping NABS to continue to help people navigate “life”, especially knowing that NABS is there to help them if they lose their way.

The Keywest team wishes NABS a very happy 30th birthday!

NABS Turns 30! -- Keywest Video -- Corporate Video Production Toronto

NABS Turns 30! — Keywest Video — Corporate Video Production Toronto

NABS Celebrates Their 30th Birthday!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Stock Footage in Corporate Videos

Stock Footage: Is the Cost Worth the Reward?

The concept of stock footage has only been around for approximately 35 years, with the emergence of the World Wide Web greatly aiding the sale and distribution of it. Stock footage is footage that has been shot and archived for use at a later date.

There are diverse sources of stock footage including content from the public domain, videos produced by government run agencies, news outlets and movies and television. Various online companies, such as Shutterstock and iStockphoto, specialize in giving their customers a variety of stock photos and video clips to download for a set price. Often the individuals who upload content to these sites are professionals who film staged objects, individuals or scenery specifically for this purpose.

The use of stock footage in corporate videos is a very common occurrence. You may have viewed a video recently and had no idea that the shot or scene you were watching wasn’t filmed specifically for use in that video. When edited well, a video can have a myriad of sources for its video clips yet still flow together seamlessly.

Stock footage can be a beneficial tool in a number of circumstances. One common use is when filming with a greenscreen. With limited time and budget, one can film a CEO address or testimonial and then transport that person to a different location with the use of stock footage or images in the background. Take a look at the screen shots below, which showcase a video where Keywest employed this technique.

Man sitting in front of stock footageMan sitting in front of green screen; to be removed and replace with stock footage.





Another prominent way to use stock footage is for b-roll.  When you need to spice up your video with an aerial shot of Tokyo’s skyline, individuals holding hands behind a sunset, a girl reading in her bed, or whatever other obscure shot you need, often it can be more cost effective to purchase these clips rather than going out and filming it yourself. The cost of a film crew, travel to the location and the time and effort it all takes may not be plausible if you need a wide variety of different shots or they are difficult shots to get. In the video Keywest produced for Huawei Technologies we utilized a mixture of our own filmed clips of addresses to camera and b-roll from the client’s facility, and supplemented that with stock footage in order to tell the story of the company and its customers.

On the other hand, stock footage can be a large expense in of itself. Clips range greatly depending on their quality, subject matter and where you source it from.  Video clips, as well as photographs, can vary from an affordable price of around $40 each to as high as $600 or more. Therefore a video with multiple stock clips can become quite pricy.

Here at Keywest we have decided to be proactive in order to get our clients the most bang for their buck. We have begun to film and edit clips for our own portfolio of stock footage. Certain clips we have sent to stock footage websites, such as Pond5, while other shots we keep in our own roster to use for our clients videos. This way when a need comes up we have footage available at our disposal, and at a very limited cost to our clients.

If you decide that stock footage is the best option for your video make sure to look at an array of different vendors. When priced and used appropriately stock footage can be a great way to make a cost effective video look more expensive and elaborate than it really is.


Stock Footage in Corporate Videos

Friday, October 4, 2013

Poo-Pourri "Girls Don"t Poop"

Viral Video: Poo-Pourri ‘Girls Don’t Poop’ Ad

Poo-Pourri‘s creative and witty ad touches upon a subject that many of us are afraid to even discuss with our friends, let alone share all over the internet. However, their creative team came up with a commercial so adventurous and daring that it has taken the world wide web by storm.

Who would think that advertising a spray to mask the odor of your poop would be this revolutionary? After all, this subject matter isn’t exactly the easiest of things to talk about, let alone visualize. But Poo-Pourri‘s out-of-the-box approach  has left us wanting to get out there and gets a 100-use bottle of some “Trap-a-Crap” for ourselves!

This video stars a beautiful posh British woman wearing a cocktail and a string of pearls sitting on a toilet for the duration of the entire video. Her sharp British accent (which always sounds fancy to us North Americans) and attire juxtaposed against her potty mouth create an array of humorous puns that leave you giggling, to say the least.

Check the video out below:

What this ad did right:

  • They created a compelling character. Viewers were inclined to watch more of the potty-mouthed woman because she was able to hold their attention. You probably didn’t even notice that she spewed out a tonne of information for an entire two minutes merely because it was so enjoyable to watch.

  • The message was clear and relatable. Poo-Pourri  promotes a product we can all use because we all, well, poop. The hilarious commercial touches upon those embarrassing situations where you’ve got to go… but you’re at your boyfriend’s place, the work place, or even at a party — we can all relate.

  • They connect with their target audience. As indicated by their character, Poo-Pourri is targeted to women. They provide their audience with relatablescenarios and make light of those awkward/embarrassing bathroom situations that females are all too familiar with. However, if you check out their website, you’ll see that Poo-Pourri also offers some fantastic scents for men as well :)

  • The daring use of “inappropriate” humor. The elegant character delivers lines embedded with phrases like “I just birthed a creamy behemoth from my cavernous bowels” as well as “‘Your days of of embarrassing smells or prairie-dogging it are over.” It’s this humorous element that holds the viewer’s attention, even if you are showing them a 2-minute long clip. That in itself is quite a feat.

  • Backed up their claim. We are well aware that anybody and everybody can make a funny video about their latest invention, but can they really vouch for it? Poo-Pourri reveals that 4 million bottles have already been sold (and if you check out their website, they’re temporarily sold out of almost all products). In the event that you’re able to get your hands on this handy product, yet find that it’s no match for your “emissions,” they’ll let you return it for a full refund.

  • Call to action. After watching this video (a few times, in our case), you probably thought about purchasing some Poo-Pourri… and that’s exactly what they wanted you to do.

This video proves that you don’t need to be a dominate corporate brand to get your product out there. It just goes to show that with the right marketing and creative teams, small, unheard of brands can skyrocket into the domain of their well-known big-budget competition.

Here at Keywest, we’ll work with you and your team to come up with the most innovative and captivating videos for your company. Contact us today to get started!

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Poo-Pourri

Poo-Pourri "Girls Don"t Poop"

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Audio Quality Tips for Corporate Videos

Audio Quality Tips for Corporate Videos

The audience will rarely notice good audio, but what they will notice is poor audio quality. And what happens when there is bad audio in a corporate video? The audience will not be able to hear your message and your video will have been for nothing. When on a shoot, most people might not think that audio is as important as shooting the visual aspect, but they are wrong! It’s as important — maybe even more important – since it’s how you are suppose to hear the message that’s being conveyed in the first place. Editing audio can also be quite difficult, even for professionals. That’s why obtaining good quality for your corporate video is key.

Here is a process of how you can obtain good audio quality:

  • Obtain high quality audio equipment. Don’t use the mic on your camera. The camera will be some distance away from your subject, and will naturally pick up any noise between that distance.

  • Use the right type of mic for the right type of situation. A shotgun mic can be used for pretty much anything. It isn’t attached to the subject, and needs either to be attached to a boom pole, or someone needs to be holding it. This type of mic is very direct, and picks up the audio where it’s directed. The parabolic mic is a mic mainly used in sports broadcast because it picks up audio from a distance. Handheld mics are usually used in concerts and/or by reporters. The only downfall of using this mic is that it can usually been seen. One of the most popular type of mics used for corporate videos are lavalier mics. These mics can be clipped onto the subject’s clothes. They are small and can go unnoticed, which makes the audio look more professional. They are mainly used for corporate addresses to camera, talk shows, for news anchors etc.

  • Assess your shooting location in advance to become aware of any factors that could affect your audio quality the day of shooting. By doing this, you will have a better plan where and what time to set up the shooting.

  • Use headphones. Some people use ear buds (which do work, but not as well).  Real over the ear headphones allow you to block out the current noise and let you really focus on the audio sound from the shoot. Also, when using headphones, wear them for the entire shoot. Lots of seasoned audio pros don’t do this, as they can see the audio levels on the camera. But if a mic battery dies during the shoot, they might not realize it right away, and could potentially lose out on an important sound bite.

  • When editing the audio, always keep in mind that the accepted level of dynamic range is around 12 dB

At Keywest we have been producing corporate videos for over 20 years, and know the importance of audio when it comes to corporate video production. Contact us for more information!

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog - Audio Quality Tips for Corporate Video

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog – Audio Quality Tips for Corporate Video


Audio Quality Tips for Corporate Videos

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Woman quits her job via YouTube video

Woman quits her job through an interpretive dance to a Kanye West song

And when you thought you’ve seen it all…. A 25-year-old writer Marina Shifrin, announced her resignation last Saturday by posting a video of her having a solo dance party on YouTube set to Kanye West’s song “Gone”.

Apparently there is no need for two weeks’ notice anymore; this is how you quit your job in the 21st century.

Almost immediately the video went viral, with now 8.7 million views. The video also got the attention of major news outlets around the world.

In the video, which was filmed at 4:30 am, she dances around in the office, while on screen captions explain her reasoning behind the video and her resignation.

She claimed that the Taiwanese animation company Next Media Animation is “awesome,” and that her “boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets… I believe it’s more important to focus on the quality of the content.”

She says she made this video “to focus on the content instead of worrying about views.” Quite ironic how this video went viral with over 8.7 million views. Her boss should be proud.

Today, in response to Shifrin’s video, the company posted their own video in the same format, wishing Marina well and to let everyone know that “they’re hiring” .

The response video used the same locations and format as the original video, as well as showed off some of their awesome facilities they offer, like a roof top pool, to entice potential job candidates.

Her boss also had some words for her saying he wished “Marina would have applied more creativity to her daily work as she did in this video”.

This video has already inspired a parody, featuring a dancing stay-at-home mom dancing that she quits.


Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Woman Quits her Job via YouTube goes Viral

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Woman Quits her Job via YouTube goes Viral

Woman quits her job via YouTube video

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

10 Important Tips on Vlogging

Tips on Starting a Vlog

It was all about the blogging, and now it’s all about the vlogging (video blogging). Vlogging has been around for a few years now, but the increasing popularity of online videos has caused vlogging to become more mainstream than ever before.

Why vlog and not blog? Vlogs are great option for people who want to teach or demonstrate something, while giving it a more personal touch. Vlogs are also very beneficial for businesses as it increases their SEO and gives their brand name a status on the web. Currently, there are too many poorly constructed vblogs out there, so by following these simple tips, you will automatically stand out from the crowd and look like a pro vlogger.

Here are some important vlogging tips to keep in mind.

  1. Shoot in high quality with a good camera. If that is completely out of your budget, try and get the best quality webcam and microphone. The better quality your video is, the more likely people will want to watch it.

  2. Quiet location. Editing audio can be quite difficult even for professionals, so try and find a quiet location to shoot your vlog.

  3. Lighting. Make sure you are in good lighting. Turn on some lights. There are so many vlogs out there which you can’t see the person’s face. Your face should always be clearly visible. If your location doesn’t have proper lights, change locations.

  4. Use a script, and Practice. Practice what you have to say. Lots of vlogs LOOK like they are unscripted (and some of them are) but the best vlogs out there always have a script. Do a few practice runs. Are you smiling enough, or too much? Are you moving your head too much? Or talking really fast? Make sure to look out for those things.

  5. Keep it short and simple. People don’t want to watch a 5-minute tutorial of you curling your hair when there is another vlog out there that runs for 3-minutes. Also, keep the edits simple. Add some images/captions when necessary to add more variety to your vlog, just don’t go all Hollywood on it.

  6. Transcribe your video. Doing this will not only improve your SEO, but it will also allow people to watch your video in a quieter area.

  7. Give your vlog a good title. Be creative. And remember to add tags!

  8. Upload your vlog to video hosting sites like YouTube/Vimeo and all the popular social media sites, including your own blog!

  9. Keep them coming! Don’t post sporadically, post on a weekly or better yet daily basis.

  10. Talk to your followers. Don’t ignore their comments. Thank them for watching your vlog, and ask them for input on what else they would like to see in the future.

For more tips and information on Vlogs and Corporate Videos check out our website and our vlog!

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Vlogging Tips

Keywest Video Inc. -Corporate Video Blog -Vlogging Tips

10 Important Tips on Vlogging