Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Personal Training: Way2Fit

Personal Training Promotional Video: Way2Fit


Keywest Video was contacted by personal trainer Renaldo Gairy to create a promotional video for himself as well as his website The goal of the video was to provide Renaldo with a dynamic and interesting video that showcases his talents at personal training, thus promoting his company Way2Fit in the process.


The final product was not only an excellent depiction of Renaldo’s personal training abilities and fitness knowledge, but also an indication of his personality and success rate with his clients.

The video begins with a combination of dynamic music and close-ups of Renaldo’s clients training using a variety of equipment in the gym. Not wanting to lose the viewer’s interest, we made sure to include varied shots and angles of clients, equipment, and Renaldo.

Renaldo then goes on to speak about his abilities and strengths as a personal trainer, outlining his skills to train for weight gain, weight loss, increasing cardio, and his specialty – bodybuilding. We intercut this information with footage of his clients training in order to keep the video interesting and not merely “a bunch of talking heads”.

Throughout the video, the viewer sees a great deal of b-roll as Renaldo trains his clients in addition to 3 key testimonials from 3 of Renaldo’s clients. These testimonials not only help to verify Renaldo’s abilities as a personal trainer, but they also showcase the various training types that he is capable of as each personal is striving for different results. Jeffry is transforming his body in order to achieve a more body-building like physique, Bianca is trying to gain more definition and muscle, and Andrew is looking for a more challenging workout than ever before.

The testimonials coupled with the dynamic b-roll and interview with Renaldo made for a unique and interesting video. By incorporating different elements and constantly shifting the viewer’s attention, we were able to create a captivating video that not only promoted Renaldo and his company, but is also enjoyable to watch.

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - Personal Training Promo Way2Fit

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – Personal Training: Way2Fit

Personal Training: Way2Fit