Friday, October 11, 2013

White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video

White backdrops can help you achieve a clean, crisp, professional look for your next corporate video.

We had previously blogged about shooting a corporate video using a green screen (check out 5 tips for shooting on green screen); however, we often use white backdrops for many of our in-studio shoots.

First of all, why are white backdrops used? And why choose a white backdrop over a green one? Essentially, these two backdrops serve entirely different purposes. Green backdrops are used in situations where video or images can be substituted for the green, thus creating an entirely new setting/location. Ultimately, when shooting on a green screen, the green is keyed out, and another background replaces it; however, when using a white backdrop, the white stays.

Shooting on a white backdrop gives the video a professional, clean, and simple look and feel – your subject stands out. Essentially, the white backdrop eliminates the issue of a distracting background, thus allowing the viewer to focus entirely on the subject and what it is they have to say.

Although white backdrops will provide you with a professional and clean looking video, using this type of background can also generate quite the opposite if poorly executed. The following are some tips for shooting on a white backdrop:

  1. One of the most important tips is the lighting.  Similar to when shooting on a green screen, lighting is very important. You will need lights that illuminate the background as well as lights for your subject.  Make sure that the white backdrop is evenly lit throughout and that there are no shadows or wrinkles in the fabric. Always ensure that separate lights are used to light your subject as this makes it easier to change the lighting on the subject without having to affect the background.

  2. Make sure that your white backdrop is actually white. You can use just about any type of fabric for this – just make sure you have enough of it, depending on the type of shot you are going for. Also, avoid sticking the fabric directly onto the wall. Instead, allow it to drape down behind your subject as this will give the fabric a seamless look to it.

  3. Make sure that you direct your subject. If your subject is standing, they may naturally move around while they speak. It is important to ensure that your subject stays within the designated “safe area” so as not to affect the lighting or gesture past the backdrop. Outline the safe area with your subject beforehand and consider showing them the footage between takes so that they can be more aware of their surroundings.

  4. Avoid wearing light colours. If your subject wears light colours, their clothing may blend into the white backdrop. It is important to let your subject know what they should be wearing well in advance of the shoot.

  5. Consider using a hair and make-up artist. When a subject is placed in front of a white backdrop, the audience focuses entirely on them as there is no actual background to distract them. This means that the audience will notice all of your subject’s imperfections as the white backdrop does nothing but highlight them – a hair and make-up artist can help with this. For example, you may need a make-up artist to get rid of any redness in your subject’s skin, or a hair-stylist can help with any distracting fly-aways or other hair situations that may arise.

Here at Keywest, we have an in house studio equipped with a white backdrop. Contact us today!

Keywest Video - Corporate Video Blog - White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video

Keywest Video – Corporate Video Blog – White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video


White Backdrops for Clean Corporate Video