Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Stock Footage Clips: Corporate Video

Stock footage clips are archival footage that can be used in more than one video production.

The benefits of stock footage can be tremendous as it can save filmmakers from having to shoot material that could sometimes be challenging to capture.

Stock Footage Clips - Corporate Video Production

Macro image of a flower from our stock footage library.

A rich resource of material, using stock footage clips enables you to access shots that you may not otherwise be able to record. Not only can it save time, it can save big bucks. Corporate video productions often incorporate the use of stock footage to achieve the look or feel that represents the company or the company’s message. But is it for you and your project?

Most commonly, stock footage clips captures settings and objects. There is no specific branding included so that the shots can be used again and again in various contexts. Footage of landscapes and macro imagery of nature are some of the most popular clips found in any stock footage library, but many other kinds of shots can be found.

Stock footage is beneficial because it can save resources required to capture certain shots. For example, the costs involved in filming an aerial shot of a famous landmark in Toronto or somewhere else across the world could be substantial. There are more possibilities for your corporate video because stock footage makes more shots attainable and affordable. As most stock footage involves static frames or close-ups that separate the subject from its environment, these clips can flow together seamlessly with your content if your project is edited well.

Stock Footage Clips - Corporate Video Production

Landscape shot of office buildings from our stock image library.

Every now and again here at Key West Video, we send out one of our videographers on a mission to shoot a variety of stock footage clips in and around public areas of Toronto and the GTA. This way when the need for stock footage clips comes up for a current project, we have a visual library at our disposal, and at a very limited cost to our clients.

There are several popular websites that provide licensing services for stock images, video and music. There’s a wealth of digital media available that can be licensed for all kinds of commercial use. Among the most popular are: iStockPhoto, Pond5, and Getty Images.

Check out our portfolio of stock footage clips available for purchase at Key West Video’s Pond5 account.

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