Friday, November 1, 2013

The Faculty Project – Online Video Learning

The Faculty Project brings free education to learners all over the world with the help of online video.

The Faculty Project, created by Udemy – an online course hosting service, is a series of online courses taught by some of the world’s most renowned professors from the top universities. The Faculty Project uses Udemy’s platform of online videos, slides, and PDFs as teaching tools for online students – and best of all, it’s completely free. Online video is the future of worldwide learning.

Online video is helping to push the boundaries of education and make it widely available to those that would not otherwise have access to it. The Faculty Project allows anyone to enroll in a course taught by professors from renowned institutions such as Dartmouth College, the University of Southern California, Duke University, etc. and areas of study include poetry, classics, anthropology, history, just to name a few. The Faculty Project is not only a great tool for those who would not otherwise have access to education at this level, but also for those who are looking to learn about subjects that they would not normally be able to afford, or have time to attend in person.

The Faculty Project allows students worldwide to access lectures using their computers, tablets, and smartphones. All courses are free and open enrollment is offered to anyone with an internet connection.

Here’s why online video can be an excellent and effective learning tool:

“The truth is that the majority of eLearning professionals admit that video constitutes a vivid and entertaining way to stimulate the learner’s interest and convey the desired knowledge. Learners are thus more likely to retain the information they have been taught by recreating the images in their minds. After all, most learners need to feel as if the instructor is speaking directly to them in a one-on-one conversation. They need this relationship between instructor and student that helps them keep their interest in the subject to be taught.” (Source)

There are many other tools out there much like The Faculty Project – these include Udemy itself, The Khan Academy, Lynda, and even just searching certain topics on YouTube will give you a plethora of lectures to choose from. Online learning is made easier through the use of video. Online video makes learning flexible and accessible to all – not only on any device, but at any time.

Do you think online video is an effective learning tool? Would you enroll in The Faculty Project, or something similar? Tell Keywest what you think!

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The Faculty Project – Online Video Learning