Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Case Study: aluCine Highlight Reel

aluCine 14th annual Latin Film + Media Arts Festival was back in April and Keywest was happy to create a highlight reel to showcase some of the event’s greatest moments and those involved!

Keywest created a video that showcased the festival’s events, participants, volunteers, and organizers. Our videographers captured footage of every major event and testimonials from the key players within the aluCine community. The festival featured #ShortFilms, media-arts exhibitions, performances, artist talks, industry panel discussions, and much more. This year’s focus shone a spotlight on Mexico’s vibrant culture showcasing Mexican best of #ContemporaryCinema and media. The Keywest team combined dynamic footage with interesting interviews and testimonials to create an intriguing #HighlightVideo that is sure you make you attend next year’s festival!

Keywest was proud to be one of the major sponsors for this year’s #aluCine festival – the event displayed excellence and innovation in contemporary Latin American film and new media works. The annual festival functions as a vital Canadian outlet for emerging and established Latin filmmakers living in Canada, Latin America and the diaspora, while the year-round screenings, symposiums and workshops promote the development of #LatinFilm and culture in #Toronto.

aluCine aluCine

For the last twenty years, aluCine has presented a panorama of challenging and unique #LatinAmericanFilms by #LatinoArtists living in Canada and abroad. As a Latin American media festival in Canada, aluCine facilitates a convergence of Northern and Southern aesthetic and cultural sensibilities, broadening common understandings of what it means to be Latino, both in Canada and internationally. aluCine seeks to keep the culture surrounding Latin short film alive and well, be it fiction, documentary, animation or experimental. aluCine is committed to functioning as an outlet for the Latino community as a whole while embracing our community’s extraordinary diversity.

Did you attend #aluCine2014? Let us know your thoughts!