Friday, September 12, 2014

Writers Block - The Long and Winding Road

One day you decide your business company needs a great video so you come to a great video production company like #KeyWestVideo (#selfplugging), but you don’t have the slightest idea where to begin.

That is what we professionals call #writersblock.

Writers Block is a lonely street Writers Block is a lonely street

For questions like, What do I want my video to look like? What should the main focus be? What do I want to say?, you may not have an answer for. But that’s okay! These speed bumps on Writers Block are completely normal.

Its always best to get back to basics. Think about what the original goal or intent was for your company/product. Think about what you have to offer to a viewer or potential client. Simple is often most clear and easily digestible when it comes to #corporatevideoproduction.

Next, jot down anything and everything you can that relates to your company. Both terms and full sentences. Chances are most of it will not be usable, but once its on paper its out of your head and clears space for more ideas that will work! If even 1 of your ideas or concept is usable you are off of writers block and on easy street.

If you are still suffering from writers block……take a break! Sounds crazy, but sometimes stepping away from the notepad or computer screen or team pow-wow is all you need to get those juices in your brain flowing again. Take a walk, have a snack or just do something else.

If all else fails, just come on in to Key West Video and let us assist you. Our team of professionals are always available to support you and your video production needs. So whether you have a rough sketch of what you want or no clue what you want, but just than you want something, we can help!  So give us a call, shoot us an e-mail or visit us at the offices, conveniently NOT located anywhere near writers block!