Friday, May 6, 2016

YouTube And Its Never-Ending Copyright Issues

Did you know that YouTube technically isn’t responsible for the copyright violations before a user is notified?

Neither did we.

In an article on Mashable, the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) dismisses  YouTube as being responsible for copyright violations by users.

Generally, YouTube automatically removes flagged content. This removes any chance for an uploader to continue monetizing the video before a claim is resolved.

The video-uploading company  has to remove an uploader’s content after it is notified of an infringement by rights holders.

It also has its own copyright detection called Content ID. This allows rights holders whose intellectual property has been partly or entirely compromised to find their content.

YouTube And Its Never-Ending Copyright Issues


This is not to say that Content ID automatically results in revoking material. Its primary job is to name copyright-infringed material. This doesn’t come without its own can of worms.

One hot issue with content creators is the issue of copyright claims. Many users feel the video site doesn’t adequately investigate [false] claimants. Instead, users feel it rather punishes creators instead.

Back in November of 2015, Google/YouTube made a pledge to promote fair use. In this declaration, they vowed to publicly defend examples of fair use “in court if necessary.”

Clearly, they’re committed to defending its uploaders against unfair copyright claims. They even went so far as to cover costs copyright lawsuits brought against video content creators.

As a way to assuage further complaints, the company decided it will keep flagged content up on the site, but withhold ad revenue from uploaders instead.

Well, until disputes are “settled”.

According to YouTube’s Creator Blog, once the issue is resolved, it will then make proper payouts.

One glaringly obvious question is: for how long? YouTubers will still be able to accumulate money from monetized videos, but what if an ongoing dispute between a claimant and creator lasts for months? Or even years?

Only time will tell.

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