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Why You Might Need A Corporate Video For A Company-Wide Address

Sometimes, the head of a corporation needs to address his or her employees.

And sometimes, that address must be televised.

Why You Might Need A Corporate Video For A Company-Wide Address

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Okay, well maybe not televised, but it does make it a lot easier to create a visual image or series of moving stills (aka a corporate video) to relay a message to the masses.

Major corporations with hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of employees often need to send out messages to various department heads and applicable staff. This often includes memos, company-wide events, updates on new or existing changes to benefit and retirement packages, upcoming training events, conferences, and much, much more.

Sometimes, emails just don’t cut it. They get lost in translation and are susceptible to being forgotten about.

That’s where corporate video comes in.

Companies like us specialize in creating memorable, informative content that not only sticks in the minds of its viewers, but is strong enough to be ‘liked’, shared, and commented on.

Think of a corporate video company-wide address as the connecting thread between departments, employees, and new information. Often, a corporate address is given by a member of the board, top executives, or CEOs, CFOs or President his or herself.

It is ideal to create a corporate address to the camera for the purpose of visibility. It creates a sense of inclusion in larger companies in which employees may not feel valued individually. After all, larger corporations often tend to have thousands of employees and it is all too easy to feel like a drop of water in a large ocean. But when a high-ranking exec or department head addresses employees directly, it can make all the difference.

Production-wise, some ways to address the camera are: making direct eye contact, smiling, dressing simply (yet professionally), and exude confident body language. In the past, we’ve outlined our top tips for professionals when addressing their corporate company.

Here at Key West Video, we have a wide breadth of experience in creating corporate addresses for our clients. For more information on the services we provide, visit our website today!

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