Friday, May 30, 2014

Keywest Video Blog: Professional Cameras

This week’s Keywest video blog examines what makes a professional video camera. We discuss the different varieties available, and which ones best suit your needs.

There are an extremely wide range of professional video cameras on the market today. The end product, and where that video will be displayed, play a large role when selecting an appropriate camera.

In the past, professional video cameras were larger than consumer models, but today that’s not always the case. A large camera can sometimes even mean that it’s out of date.

At Keywest video, we have several different camera systems, and they are selected depending on our client’s needs. We often use digital SLR cameras in our video productions. At times our clients wonder why the camera is so small, or why it looks like a camera used for photography. We like to use DSLR cameras because of their versatility, and high quality image processing. Their wide array of lens options also allows for more dynamic #videography.

On other occasions, when a #DSLR may not be suitable, such as for a long performance or live feed streaming, we utilize other camera systems.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter the size of your #camera, but how you use it.

Find out more about choosing a DSLR for video production.

Keywest Video Blog: Professional Cameras Keywest Video Blog: Professional Cameras