Saturday, August 23, 2014

Audio Dysfunction: Keywest Vlog

Do you or someone you know suffer from audio dysfunction?

With all the aspects that go into producing a great looking corporate video, its easy to overlook all the potential problems associated with audio production. No matter how much time and effort goes into creating a beautiful looking image, poor sound quality can permanently damage a videos presentation.


For out video blog this week, we thought we’d highlight some of the many pitfalls associated with audio production in a humorous way.

Its possible that the widespread access to HD video cameras as made some individuals complacent when it comes to the audio quality of their productions. In some cases such as daily vloggers on YouTube for example, it may be less relevant, but when you are representing your business, that extra attention to detail can really leave a lasting impression. Check out this article about the importance of getting good audio on

Its true that you can always re-record a new voice track and dub it over the original damaged audio, but the reality is that it rarely looks perfect, and it can be cost prohibitive. Check out this article about ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement) on

Having professionals record high quality audio on the day of a video production can save you endless headaches and money. You will see a lot more production value for your investment if its used initually to produce a quality video, as opposed to afterward to patch preventable damage. Next time you need to produce a corporate video, call Keywest Video and have your audio recorded right the first time.

If you or someone you know is suffering the effects of poor audio production, support groups can be found on many online forums such as