Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why this Mercedes-Benz Corporate Video is Winning

In true avant-garde fashion, automotive company Daimler produced “Spirit, Passion & Performance”, a corporate video for Mercedes-Benz that earned itself a Golden Dolphin Award at Cannes.

There are reasons why #Mercedes-Benz is one of the most innovative automotive manufacturers in the world. Unsurprisingly, they’re not afraid to demonstrate why:

This #corporate #video shows what it’s really like to work for Mercedes-Benz, from the bottom up. Taking a well-rounded approach, Daimler takes us around the world to get the true gist of the company’s #diversity.

Each group of workers has their own unique part to play in the automotive #creation. They also tell their own stories.

Perhaps what is so enjoyable is how, despite the differences, all Mercedes-Benz employees come together to share a common goal: pushing a stellar #product.

Why this Mercedes-Benz Corporate Video is Winning

While most corporate companies will use videos to better explain or promote their product, this video focuses on the people behind the wheel. From the mechanics to the brand reps, we get a sense of each employee’s work #environment.

In a series of fast-paced shots, we are quickly drawn in. But perhaps what keeps us glued are all the cool things we don’t usually get to see in other car #promos. A lot of car #companies might show the manufacturing of their automotive parts, but not all will showcase their affiliates. In a quick series of shots and voiceovers, Mercedes-Benz brilliantly, yet subtly, makes an ode to the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Why this Mercedes-Benz Corporate Video is Winning

Mercedes-Benz also shows off its wide car selection. We get just as excited over the huge trucks as we do for the small race cars on the tracks. The video also strays away from the generic list of #buzzwords most companies loosely use, and instead demonstrates it with powerful statements and gripping footage.

Innovation? Just look at their new emissions-free model.

Diversity? Take a look at their employees.

Success? Check out their track record.

Not convinced? Watch it again.

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