Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Your Corporate Video Failed: 5 Common Mistakes

You’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars and invested all of your time and energy into this Video thinking thousands will watch it. The internet is so accessible that you assumed everyone would come across it. Makes sense right? However, after all this, you don’t notice any change in your business. Why is no one watching this video you put all your sweat into? Why did it fail? Here is a list of 5 common mistakes you may have made that contributed to the failure of your video:

  1. No clear message. Sometimes too much information is really too much information. What did you want your audience to do after watching that video? If you don’t know, they probably don’t know either.  There should be one clear straightforward message – any more than that would be too confusing.  A good video can be summed up in one sentence.  Therefore, sometimes a written script is essential (even when there is no voiceover) to map out the framing and delivery of your main idea. 

  2. The video didn’t touch your audience. It simply failed to tell a story; your video didn’t make the audience feel something and keep them engaged. Clearly you want to promote your product/business and the most obvious way would be through facts and more facts. But if done the wrong way facts can be dull, boring, and lose the attention of your audience on the spot. Therefore, you need to know your audience andwhat they want so that you can better understand them and reach out to them on a more personal level. Remember: your audience comes first

  3. All About you. “Our company has this, or does this well  …etc” = dull. Don’t make it all about you. This doesn’t connect with your audience at all. You need to try and introduce something of value to your viewer. When Steve Jobs introduced the iPod, he could have said, “Apple made a thing that holds 5 gigs and is amazing and lightweight and just the zippiest thing ever!” Do you know what he said instead? “You can put a thousand songs in your pocket.”

  4. Budget isn’t big enough. Video production can be very costly. If you want an amazing video, you are going to have to fork over the dough.  Sometimes, people think that they can just hire someone who has all the equipment to make a video, and this person will provide them with the same quality of video as that of an actual professional production company. There is a difference, a vast one, and your audience will know. Remember that your video reflects directly on your company, and elements like bad lighting, bad actors, and bad photography, etc. reflect badly on your image

  5. Video is too long. Keep your video short.  Due to the ever-shortening attention span of the web audience (after less than 30 seconds, if not interested they can simply move on to another video without fully grasping yours), videos need to be as short as possible. The audience can only really be engaged for a short period of time, and then they start to lose their focus. But what if your video requires more time? If this happens to be the case, produce a primary video and support it with supplementary videos to get your message across.

Here at Keywest, we have been producing corporate videos for more than 20 years. We are aware of the above mentioned mistakes and more; therefore, we are committed to ensuring your corporate video doesn’t fail. 

Why Your Corporate Video Failed: 5 Common Mistakes