Thursday, January 30, 2014

Google Analytics: Innovative Marketing

Google Analytics has recently created a humorous marketing campaign to raise awareness about the online shopping experience.

The series of videos illustrates what a consumer’s everyday shopping experience in real life would look like if it were handled in the same way that we shop online. #GoogleAnalytics created the innovative campaign in order to illustrate to businesses exactly where they were losing/deterring their very own customers within the online shopping experience. The campaign is designed to help businesses realize that their website and digital marketing may not be up to par, thereby costing them greatly in the long run.

Google Analytics Google Analytics

Google Analytics came up with an innovative and especially humorous way to demonstrate exactly how missteps on the digital shelf would play out in real-life scenarios. The campaign not only clearly illustrates the errors being made, it also entertains the viewers by depicting highly relatable scenarios that almost all of us have been a part of. Take a look at the three videos below.

Optimizing your website’s landing page is key since you always want to make sure that your ad text leads to a matching page. Google Analytics suggests that many consumers are being led astray by other pages or products when searching for what they want. Ultimately, they’ll end up not finding what it is they came for and leave your site completely. In this video, Nick is distracted by other (unrelated) products on his quest for olives, only to find out that the olives weren’t even where he thought they’d be in the first place.

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Find out where your customers are being led astray.

Optimizing your website’s search functionality can be especially helpful when customers are looking for a specific product or service. Google Analytics suggests that it is important to categorize your products accordingly so that consumers are able to find what they are looking for quickly, easily, and in a logical manner. In this video, Oli is forced to jump through hoops in his search for semi-skimmed milk only to find out that he should have been searching for “milk, semi-skimmed” to avoid all of the hassle.

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Discover what your customers are looking for.

When optimizing a website where purchases are made, it is important to find out when it is your customers are “checking out” – not in the literal sense, but more in terms of where are your customers getting fed up and leaving your site. Google Analytics helps you understand your website flow process and identifies ways in which to better optimize your customer’s buying process.

Shopping online is meant to be easy. Find out where your customers are checking out.

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Google Analytics: Innovative Marketing