Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard

The Social Media Guard, Coca-Cola’s new faux product, is designed to help us detach from our smartphones and enjoy those around us.

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard - Before Coca-Cola Social Media Guard – Before

The soft drink giant’s latest commercial advertises the fake Social Media Guard, which is pretty much a giant Coca-Cola red dog collar. The Social Media Guard allows you to engage with your surroundings and disengage from your smartphone. Wearing the cone ensures that you are unable to check your beloved Instagram profile every 4 seconds and are now forced to engage with the actual humans that surround you. Each Social Media Guard wearing individual is immediately enlightened and overjoyed once they are forced to interact with others, so much so that they enjoy a refreshing bottle of Coke! :)

Coca-Cola’s commercial about the Social Media Guard takes the media out of social media. The commercial illustrates the fact that we spend such an exorbitant amount of time on our smartphones (mostly for social media) that we neglect to observe and participate what’s going on in our immediate surroundings. It touches upon the notion that although we may be in the company of others, we are still detached from the situation as we are constantly attached to our smartphones. Now, the social media aspect comes into play because most of the time we are actually just browsing social media outlets – updating our Facebook status, tweeting, double-tapping on Instagram, etc. – on our smartphones instead of doing something important or productive.

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard - After Coca-Cola Social Media Guard – After

“Did you know that the world spends 4 million years online every month?” the soda giant asks. “If you’re watching this video on your mobile phone, it’s time to put it down. Look around you, there is probably someone special you can share a real moment with. Enjoy it with an ice-cold Coke :)”

What do you think of Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard? How do you feel about the attachment to social media and our smartphones?