Thursday, February 27, 2014

Travel Abroad: Montreal to Shanghai

Need a video production crew at your next conference in Florida? Or do you want to get a testimonial from a client in Australia? The Keywest team will travel abroad for our clients, and we can for you too!

travel abroad

When it comes to video production there are a large variety of elements which come together to create a cohesive package. That is why having a video production expert that you can trust is so important in molding your corporate video project. Due to the level of trust and expertise that is required, often clients of Keywest will come to us with a request to travel abroad for the sake of their video needs.

The Keywest Video team has, and is willing to travel abroad to virtually any location, including all across Canada, the US, and beyond. The reason our clients have opted to send us to these locations versus utilizing a production team on the ground, is based on several reasons.

The first reason is continuity. For a project which is being filmed in multiple locations across the globe, and then being inter-cut between one another, this can create room for error if multiple crews have their hands at it. When one team is able to be a part of each shoot, then the ability to match the lighting, eye-line, framing, etc. greatly increases. This is not only due to the same crew being on-set, but also the same equipment being used, such as cameras, lighting, audio recording, and all of the settings and formatting which is required as well.

The second reason why using the same crew is useful is background knowledge. Especially when it comes to having the same producer on each shoot, that individual will have the necessary information about the client, the look and style they are looking to achieve, and what they want out of the interviews and b-roll.

Lastly reliability is a big issue which can be mitigated by sending one crew to travel abroad to multiple locations. If you have worked with the crew before, and specifically if they have traveled for you before, then you know how they work and can rest assured that they will be able to handle anything which arises on-set.

We have come across several clients who have told us their fears of even asking for a quote with travel abroad included as they believe the costs would have been too high for their budget. There is a misconception that the costs of travel is far greater than hiring different crews at each location. In many places the costs of production from a local company may be higher than it would be to simply send a crew from your hometown. The costs also show themselves through the factors already discussed, like not receiving the level of quality or consistency then you had hoped for.

At Keywest we try to balance travel costs with that of other items in the quote, in order to remain competitive and allow our clients to get the service they require for a price which is fair. So don’t be afraid to contact Keywest Video for your video production needs which require travel abroad, as you may discover that it is a lot more affordable then you initially imagined!