Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Location , Location , Location

 Ask any Producer, Videographer, or Director of Photography, and they will tell you that one of the most important aspects of any video is the location in which you film in.


A location can make or break the look and feel of a video and thus either create a dynamic and visually engaging space, or one that bores or doesn’t reflect the needs of the video’s content. Here are some tips for scouting a location for your corporate video shoot.

1. Focus on the Content

Whether you are planning on highlighting your firms upcoming events and past accomplishes, or you plan on creating a promotional video for a new product, you need to zero in on what setting makes the most sense for your video. Don’t choose a location simply based upon what is most convenient, or even the most visually attracting. While a great attractive location can be a huge asset, if it doesn’t lend itself to the content, then the message and meaning behind it is lost.

2. Double & Triple check

While the location you find to shoot at might seem like the ideal place, make sure you are not hasty in your decision. You may find the location on a quiet sunny weekend, but then go back to film on an evening during the week, and the noise level, shading, etc. can be completely altered and not your ideal circumstance. To ensure your chosen location will work, go visit the location multiple times on different days and times of the day in order to be certain of what you will get.

3. Lighting & Power

Whenever we are going to a shoot at a new location lighting is always one of the most important factors to consider. Is the location you plan on filming in indoors or outside? If outside is there a nearby power source? If not do you plan on simply utilizing natural light? If filming outside you need to check the weather for that day and whether the sun will affect your shots or not. When indoors is there light coming from a window? If it is a sunny day you may want to bring ND filters in order to shield your subject from some of that harsh light. If using professional lighting, ensure that the location has the capacity to use that much light without blowing a fuse.

4. Audio

In addition to lighting, audio is just as important if not more important to the overall look and feel of the video. When deciding on a location listening to the space and the diegetic noise within that space is integral. Often when not accustomed to listing for small noises, one would think they are listening to silence just because no one around them is making noise, yet in reality we never really hear true silence. Our computers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. all make a lot of background noise which we simply take as part of life and tune out most of the time. When recording audio though you want the quietest space possible, and those diegetic noises can then be inserted later in post.

5. Space

Don’t take space for granted, because when you need it you will wish you had it, and more. Space is something that individuals not accustomed to filming don’t often realize the importance of. Especially when conducting interviews and trying to blur out the background so the on-camera talent is the focus of the frame, space is a necessity. You may see a space and think it is adequate, but once you get the talent, crew, and equipment all into the space it may not be as viable. Keep this in mind when deciding which location to shoot in.

6. Permission

Last but not least, ensuring you have the appropriate permission required to shoot in any location is a must. If you are filming on private property which is not owned by you or your client, or on public property, you must try to acquire the appropriate permits or permissions. Having your shoot interrupted and/or shut down is not pleasant and can be avoided by making sure you take the appropriate steps in pre-production.

Keywest Video is a proud corporate video producer, and has a variety of producers, talent and crew on-hand which can aid your next video shoot. We also do location scouting for independent producers or our valued clients.