Monday, March 3, 2014

Lowe’s “Fix in Six” Campaign

Lowe’s, the second largest home improvement retailer in the world, uses Vine videos to offer tips to its consumers.

Lowe’s “Fix in Six” campaign uses social media network #Vine to offer consumers new ways to improve their lives and homes in as little as six seconds. Now, we know we’re a bit late on this one – it’s been around for almost a year – but it’s almost too good not to share. Each video shares an interesting and innovative #HomeImprovement tip in just six seconds.

Lowe Lowe’s Fix in Six – Avoid Bent Paintbrushes with Binder Clips

Take a look at how you can fix a stripped screw with a rubber band:

Here’s what advertising agency BBDO had to say about their ingenious “Fix in Six” campaign:

These entertainingly useful videos helped users think differently about improving little things in their daily life. Initially, we produced a dozen stop-motion Vine videos that paid off this strategy.

We knew that Twitter was the primary vehicle for driving engagement around Vine videos. While a lot of Twitter advertising is uninspired and product-focused, we considered this an opportunity to promote content consistent with what users enjoy seeing in their Twitter streams.

By targeting the individuals we deemed most likely to benefit from (and enjoy) our six-second tips, we seeded the Vine videos into the Twitter community in a way that felt less like advertising, and more like sharing interesting content. And based on the audience’s response, that’s exactly how it was interpreted.

BBDO Advertising Agency

Lowe’s appeared to be the first company to use a social media platform in a useful manner. We’re all too accustomed to viewing trivial content on these social networks, but how often do we actually view something useful that we can employ in our everyday lives?

Interested in more home improvement tips? Take a look at Lowe’s tumblr account – it’s got page after page of home improvement goodness!