Sunday, April 24, 2016

Are Holograms The Best Idea For Your Company?

Since the late 2000s, we’ve seen a spike in the use of holograms. Who would’ve guessed that kids’ movies like Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks would predict the future with holograms of some our most revered public figures.

Holography – the process used to create holograms – involves diffracting lights into an image. This concept has been around since the 1800s when John Pepper terrorized audiences with “Pepper’s Ghost” – a light illusion trick he used to scare audiences.

We’ve been able to recreate some pretty stellar images. However, we often confuse animated projections with real holograms.

The Japanese were the first to really popularize the idea of what a projected image could mean for our culture when they created Hatsune Miku, a human-like persona voiced by a synthesizer that held its first concert in 2010.

However, let it be known that this was a hologram only in the most basic sense. At its core, holograms are a photographic technique that display images 3-dimensionally.

They’ve become increasingly present in the corporate world. One of the more popular uses is for holographically-streamed meetings (or telepresence).


In corporate marketing, 3D holograms can be considered an asset. They add an extra dimension (see what we did there?) to your marketing strategy and a nice edge over your competitors.

They are relatively cost-efficient. For example, for companies who cross-market products at events in multiple countries, 3D holograms make it easier to showcase the “how-tos” of that product. It allows companies to showcase products without actually having to spend the money to create them.

They are also an incredible attention-grabber. It’s easy to get an audience’s attention – the difficulty is to get them to stay there. 3D holograms are an excellent way to increase human retention. This is as effective for your customers at a display show as it would be for your employees at a company seminar or meeting.

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