Friday, April 15, 2016

Why Location Scouting Is So Important

People often underestimate the importance of location scouting. Finding the right location for a shoot is as imperative to the pre-production as it is to the final product.

Why Location Scouting Is So Important

When it comes to any sort of video – be it for corporate or creative purposes – one thing that must be solidified before shooting is location.

Location is where the overall aesthetic of your video will come from. It’s what will set the tone for your video and provide depth in your shots.

In the past, we’ve talked about the benefits one of the services we provide: location consultation. One obvious upside to location scouting is preparation. Clearing a location prior to shooting not only gives you an idea for how you can frame specific shots, but also prepares you when you’ll need to bring along equipment.

For example, if it’s an outdoor shoot, you’ll be able to decide what lighting you’ll need based on where you’d be shooting and what time of day. This saves time, effort and possibly even money when you’re able to plan.

Another benefit of location scouting is sound. If the shoot is heavily reliant on sound, it’s important to decide what the noise levels will be at the time of the shoot. If it’s in a loud industrial area, a mid-day shoot is not ideal. On the flip-side, if a corporate company requires a recording of ambiance, then that could work. Production and corporate companies need to work together to decide the specific sound needed before shooting.

One last – but major – thing to consider is your location perimeters. Both distance and space are incredibly important when determining a location. After all, you’ll need a lot of “wiggle room” to set up your camera, audio and lighting equipment. You’ll still need adequate room to get your shot without any interferences. Distance is also another thing to consider when location setting – especially when there are multiple locations involved. It’s a no-brainer that distance and time should be accounted for in a multi-day shoot.

This article displays Game of Thrones’ on-set location in the beautiful country of Croatia. We can only imagine how long it took to find the perfect King’s Landing.

Here at Key West Video, we have done a location consultation with many of our clients. For more on what services we offer, check out our website.

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