Friday, August 9, 2013

Camp Gyno Video- A Breakthrough

Camp Gyno Video –A Breakthrough in Tampon Advertising

Tampon Commercial goes Viral

 Its like Santa for your vagina…” and with those words and more, the video ad The Camp Gyno became one of the most popular tampon ads in history, with over 5 million YouTube views in just over a week. Why? Check out the video below.


This Tampon video is a first of its kind: its real, inventive and downright funny.

It differs from the conventional tampon commercials that usually feature a model type looking girl twirling around in a white dress on a beach.

This video is not like any tampon commercial out there. Period. In a comedic way, it tells a coming of age story to young girls. Which most girls can actually relate too.

Its been called the “funniest period commercial ever” by ABC News.

Tampon Ad Industry is forever changed

The Camp Gyno video has definitely changed the tampon ad industry as we know it.

This video brings to light that yes, girls do get their period, and that they shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. It shows tweens suffering with the excruciating monthly cramps –which has never been showed before in a tampon commercial.

And it’s about time to finally see a commercial that does not censor that.

And Because of this 1.47 mins video, it has put the unheard of company Hello Flo on the radar.

If you are a small business or large corporation looking to create a one of a kind video to market your business, look no further. Here at Keywest, we have been producing videos for over 20 years.

So, after watching this video, would you order a starter kit from for yourself, or someone you know? Or would you just rather make that drive down the street to your local store?

Key West Video Inc. - Corporate Video Blog - Camp Gyno

Key West Video Inc. – Corporate Video Blog – Camp Gyno

Camp Gyno Video- A Breakthrough