Friday, June 20, 2014

Keywest Vlog: Watchbot 3.0 Review

The Watchbot 3.0 is a security camera system that can be operated remotely through smartphones and other portable devices.

Watchbot is produced by Electro Box Ltd. a global consumer Electronics Company based in the UK. They were nice enough to send us one to review, and its safe to say we were impressed.

When you first unbox the #Watchbot you immediately get a sense of how streamlined the components are. The company takes pride in the speed at which you can set this system up and you can see why. All the features are built into the main camera and its pretty much plug and play from there.

The Watchbot 3.0 kit contains; a Watchbot camera, a DC Power Supply, a wall mounting kit, an Alarm connection adapter, a network cable, and the user guide.

Watchbot 3.0 - What Watchbot 3.0 – What’s in the box?

For the purposes of this review, we thought we would try it out as a #SecurityCamera. However, the manufacturers have several other suggested uses, such as; home security, baby monitoring, watching pets, monitoring elderly individuals, protecting student accommodations, or watching your home while you’re on a holiday. Using the camera for business security made the most sense for us.

Here you can see the Watchbot looking at the door to our equipment room. The Watchbot can be programmed to capture images of anything that moves in front of it, and save those photos or video for review. Here you can see how everyone that passed the equipment room was captured on camera, whether they used the door or not.

It’s important to note that, all of the camera’s features can be operated manually, but if you’re using the Watchbot as a security camera, the automatic motion sensor is the best option and it works incredibly well.

Keywest Vlog: Watchbot 3.0 Review Keywest Vlog: Watchbot 3.0 Review

Essentially, this is a webcam that can be remotely accessed simply by downloading an app on your smart phone. It functions well as a security camera but our favorite feature has got to be the ability operate the camera remotely using the motorized pan & tilt function, and with a little added setup, it can have two way voice communication as well. If you are looking for a security camera solution that can be accessed anytime, with live video streamed to your phone, the Watchbot 3.0 is a great choice.