Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Video Editing Apps: Top 5

Social media services like YouTube, Instagram, & Twitter have made quick, mobile video editing and sharing commonplace. Now people can share their vacation videos as its happening, or post videos directly from live sporting events or concerts.

Video Editing

As with photos, the raw videos that come from your cell phone often leave something to be desired when it comes to video editing & stylistic modifications.

Below we have assembled our top 5 favourite video editing mobile apps.

5. Videoshop – Video Editor

Videoshop provides one of the simplest functions that you can’t easily perform on your phone. If you want to combine multiple clips for an Instagram or twitter post, this app will let you do that with an extremely streamlined interface. You can also add titles and modify the aspect ratio.

4. Videohance

For those who want to take mobile video editing a step farther, Videohance allows you to add motion to still photos, and save them as videos. This can add that extra bit of interest to your photo post, or allow you to make a dynamic slideshow.

3. Square Video for Instagram

Anyone who posts videos on instagram knows that you are forced to crop your video to instagram’s 1:1 square aspect ratio. Square Video For Instagram allows your to save your widescreen videos into a square frame, allowing the whole image to be presented in your Instagram post.

2. MoviePro: Video Recorder & Editor

MoviePro: Video Recorder & Editor is a useful “all in one” solution for those who want to use a single app from start to finish for mobile video production. You can record videos through this app, and edit multiple clips together. When you are finished you can save edited files, optimized for your favourite social media provider.

  1. FiLMic Pro

We saved the best for last with FiLMic Pro. This app turns your cellphone into a professional video camera that (under the right circumstances) can visually compete with several high end camera systems. It essentially unlocks all the camera functions like white balance and focus, which are normally automatic, and makes them manual. This allows you to have complete control over the camera, and take full advantage of its functionality.