Monday, June 16, 2014

Video Promotion Tips

Getting your video noticed is the most important step to expanding your business and/or product. Here at Keywest Video we would like to provide you with some tips for online video promotion.

Video Promotion Tips Video Promotion Tips

YouTube Channel

Start with video promotion directly on your YouTube channel – using your #YouTube account, create a channel for all the videos you post. The more videos you have on your channel, the better. Once the video is uploaded, inform everyone to watch it and include links on the video to your social media outlets as well as your website. Ask people to subscribe to your channel – that way every time you upload a new video it will be added directly to their feed.

Social Media

Always remember that social media is your best friend. Utilize all the resources you have in front of you to virally promote your latest video. If you have a Facebook Page created for your business and/or product, upload the video’s link and share it around amongst your followers and friends. Post to LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, MySpace, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, and Tumblr about your latest video. You could #Instagram a photo of your video with a link included. Just be sure to use different descriptions every time you post so the audience doesn’t get the feel that you’re just copying and pasting. The more you utilize these free services for video promotion, the better your online traffic will be.
For SMEs with limited resources, social media has been a blessing. Free social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have been adopted enthusiastically by businesses for marketing, publicity, customer relations and market research purposes.

Just make sure you are able to keep up with the social media you put out and stay interactive with your followers. If you can’t handle running every social media outlet, then stick to the ‘Big Four’ aka Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Blogs/Email Blasts

Does your company have a blog connected to your website? If so, then post the video on both your website and blog, making sure that your video has a link to your website. Adding a little description about the video or why you have chosen to make one can also help, and including hashtags are an easy to way to micro-promote.

A number of businesses have an email blast that goes out to previous costumers as well as business associates. This is the perfect place for video promotion as you are able to directly send your video to your clients and keep them updated on what is up and coming in your business.


Hashtags are taking over the internet and more and more are being created everyday. So jump on the bandwagon and start hashtagging. The best way to utilize this simple method is too include keywords that are associated with your business and/or product and what audiences you want to reach with it.

Also, keep an eye out for what is currently trending online. If your video can relate to anything that is currently popular, add that hashtag in to your description. is the best place to find out what’s trending each day, popular hashtags, upcoming events involving social media, and the latest news online.

If You’ve Got The Money

Our final tip for successful online video promotion is to allocate a budget. Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, etc. allow you to control where you video goes, locally, nationally, or globally. Pay per click ads allow you to control how much you pay per day per click. They also make sure that they show up on the right websites and connect into mobile apps. Remember that having thousands of views on YouTube looks better then your video only having one or two hundred.

Do you have more tips on video promotion? We’d love to hear them. Feel free to share your tips in the comment section below.