Monday, June 27, 2016

Infomercials: Should Your Company Invest In Them?

We’ve all seen infomercials on our evening television. But at what point should your company consider creating one, or flat-out leave them alone?

Infomercials are an interesting way to get a message across.

We say interesting because they’ve been used so heavily since the introduction of the Golden Age of Television. Since the rise of consumerism in the 50s, we’ve become all too familiar with the late night television.

Infomercials (otherwise known as paid programming), have been dominating our post-primetime screens. Rumoured to have begun as early as the 50s, we’ve been saturated with late night products and pushy television salespersons.  We’re urged to buy Dolly Parton’s greatest hits. The latest cars. A plethora of household items that we simply don’t need.

Almost every single infomercial is the same. Demonstrate the product in a non-practical, almost comical way. Advertise its benefit to the customer. Emphasize the low price. Enthusiastically urge the consumer to whip out his or her credit card.

As entertaining as they may be, they’ve served their purpose. Many would argue that it is an outdated form of advertising. Some would even go so far as to say that the infomercial is dead.

Nevertheless, we are still in an age of televisual marketing. And infomercials still bring in a whole lot of money.

With our new age platforms always demanding our attention, the question now becomes: do we need infomercials?

The answer isn’t exactly simple. Here we take a look at some of the reasons for infomercials:

1. Instant Information

Infomercials speak to us directly. Though they typically rely on traditional media, they give us what we need. Why do we need this product? What makes this particular brand stand out from the rest? Is this new invention innovative? Will it help better our lives?

That is the ultimate test.

2. Engaging

If infomercials weren’t engaging, they wouldn’t be estimated at a whopping almost $100 billion dollars. And for broadcasters who sign off in the wee hours of the night, infomercials have taken over. In fact, they’ve become so successful they’re now given 30-minute programming slots.

Clearly, they’re paying off.

Consider commercials like the infamous ‘Slap Chop’. Enough said.

3. Deliberate

They prey on us. They call out our desires and make us want things we don’t need. They play on our psyche. They insist that we can’t live without this particular product or service and that if we don’t respond to the call to action right away, we’re missing out on something big.

It’s all a lie.

Infomercials are there to weed out the weak from the strong. And they’re deliberate. Buy at your discretion.

It’s unclear whether or not companies make long-lasting relationships with their consumers through infomercials. But one thing is for sure – infomercials are a highly profitable way to get your business out there.

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